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Children packing food for Feed the Future

 Every District 5 school has a weekend backpack program that provides food for those children who may not have access to consistent meals and snacks during the time they are not in school. Tyger River provides the weekend meal packs for those children at River Ridge Elementary School, our across the street neighbors. The children are identified by their teachers and guidance counselor. Permission from a parent to receive the food pack is required. On average, we provide for 20-25 children throughout the school year. The food is placed in a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and these bags are delivered to River Ridge each week where the teachers will distribute them on Friday afternoon, before  the child leaves for the weekend. Food items are packed by Tyger River youth and include 2 main entrée items, 2 breakfast items, 2 fruits and 3-4 snacks. Our ministry is also unique in that we continue to provide food to these children and their families throughout the summer months when school is closed.

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