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There is no doubt that the years of our youth are some of the most informative and transformative years of life in general, making ministry to this age group all the more important.


From Sunday morning Christian Education classes to Sunday Night youth group and loads of special events and trips, youth at Tyger River have many opportunities to grow in their relationship to God and each other.

Christian Education

Christian Education is a fundamental part of our ministry to youth.

Sunday School classes are offered every Sunday morning at 9am for youth of all ages.

In their classes, youth study the same scripture that will be the focus of church worship.

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The youth meet most Sunday evenings from 5:30-7pm

for a meal, activity and devotion.

The youth group usually start their time together by sharing a meal.

We invite all to sign-up for a Sunday (or two) to provide a meal for the attendees on Sunday night. You are welcome to stick around to serve and eat with the youth or you can arrange to leave your meal in the kitchen.

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