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Ministry at Tyger River is what we do in service to God’s Mission, and it’s where we need your help, your gifts, and your participation. At Tyger River, we believe that all members are ministers and 

that God's Mission invites your Ministry!

Building & Grounds

The Building and Grounds Team oversees and maintains the property of Tyger River Presbyterian Church, ensuring that it is kept in good repair at all times for use by its members, Tyger River Children’s Center, and all nonmembers who request use of the facility and grounds. In addition to coordinating repairs and improvements, the Building & Grounds Team works with the other Ministry Teams to ensure that they have the space and furnishings they need in order to effectively accomplish their ministry goals.

Christian Education

The Christian Education Team is responsible for developing and implementing the entire educational ministry of Tyger River Presbyterian Church, as we seek to nurture disciples of Jesus Christ and help equip them for ministry and service in the world. The team meets regularly for prayer and creative planning to meet the educational needs of this congregation.


The Fellowship Team plans, organizes and implements various fellowship opportunities throughout the year, with an emphasis on celebrating the liturgical calendar (Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, etc.) and congregational milestones (confirmands, new members, etc.).

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The Health Team seeks to engage, educate, and empower the membership of TRPC to create a healthy faith community by providing a variety of health-related activities that promote whole person health – mind, body, and spirit. Our values, beliefs, and faith practices motivate us to provide care and compassion to our members, encourage healthy lifestyles and preventive care while fostering spiritual growth. Activities include but are not limited to health education, health promotion, health maintenance, disease prevention, community health resource utilization, and community screenings.  


The Membership Team is dedicated to helping visitors, new members, and even long-time members connect with the many ministry opportunities at Tyger River. The Team schedules and implements Membership Classes as needed, and helps ensure that visitors and members know about the many avenues for “plugging in” to the church community.


The Outreach Team helps equip the congregation to go out into the world in Christ’s name, with a special eye for ministering to others in need within this community. The Outreach Team’s ministry includes support for The Carpenter’s Table, Feed the Future, Homes for Life, and the Annual BBQ Smackdown.


The Personnel Team ensures that Tyger River has the necessary staff in place to accomplish our ministry together. To this end, the Personnel Team works closely with the Tyger River staff to address both needs and concerns as they may arise. The Team is also responsible for overseeing employee policy, coaching and other support.

Stewardship & Finance

The Stewardship Team is responsible for overseeing the budget, stewardship campaigns and the finances of Tyger River. The Team works closely with the other Ministry Teams in order to develop a budget that incorporates each team’s ministry goals. The Stewardship Team also pays careful attention to Tyger River’s revenues and expenses and regularly communicates with the congregation so that Tyger River can faithfully manage its resources.


The Youth Team works tirelessly to dream, plan, and implement programs and events that equip and enable youth for ministry. The Youth Team coordinates Sunday morning Christian Education classes and Sunday night youth group, recommends curriculum to session for approval, and provides annual (or as needed) confirmation classes for 8th graders. The Team also schedules special events for youth at Tyger River, including offsite outings and trips.


The Worship Team is responsible for providing meaningful, well-planned, Reformed Christian worship that both glorifies God and encourages and challenges us into a deeper relationship with God, with each other and with the world. The Team coordinates with the pastor, music team, administrative assistant and various volunteers. It includes selecting and preparing music, planning for communion, and planning and decorating for special events.

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