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Worship with the World in View

There is much to love about Tyger River Presbyterian Church. Having been pastor at Tyger River for a little over half a year now, I know this to be true. This place is filled with people who care about each other and care deeply about their community too. It’s a place where those who hunger, in body or spirit, can come and be fed. It didn’t take long, but I’ve fallen in love with this place and these people.

One of the things that I love most is our sanctuary. It’s different. I’ve not seen another worship space like it. Behind the pulpit is a wall of windows. Which means that as I preach, everyone is often looking right past me to what we call the Serenity Garden. In my short time at Tyger River, our worship has already been “interrupted” by birds and butterflies, strong storms, and even an unexpected snowfall. And I love it. I like to call it…

“Worship with the World in View”

That’s what we do here. We praise and worship the God who in Christ has forever committed to be with us. But our worship is never compartmentalized from all that is happening in the world around us. Worship is not an isolated or insulated event.

To “Worship with the World in View” is to worship with the constant challenge to go out into the world with the same grace, mercy, and love that we’re reminded of, and refreshed by, each and every time we enter this sacred space. That’s why we call ourselves, “a welcoming and inclusive community of faith committed to receiving and sharing the love of God in Christ.”

I love this place and these people, and am excited to continue exploring how the Spirit is calling us out into our community and world. Let’s keep worshiping with the world in view!



[If you’re in the area and looking for a faith community, you are, of course, invited to worship with us. I imagine there’s a good chance you’ll also fall in love with this place and these people. Connect with us online at or on Social Media at Tyger River.]

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