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For good or for... (sermon 1.20.19)

Stained Glass of Temptation of Christ

After his baptism, Jesus goes into the wilderness and, as Matthew's gospel tells us, he is tempted by the devil. With each temptation, Jesus quotes scripture as a response to the devil's enticement. This story from Matthew 4 shows us the power of Scripture. And it begs the question, do we remember the power of Scripture when we face our own challenges and temptations?

But there's also a scary detail in this passage. It's not just Jesus who quotes Scripture! The devil does too. Think about that! The devil in Matthew's story knows the Bible and isn't afraid to use it.

The Bible is powerful, but it can be used "for good or for..." abuse and violence and discrimination and every other imaginable evil.

This week's sermon asks the question, "How do we read and use the Bible faithfully and appropriately?" Hope you'll consider taking a listen.

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